GOP to Trump: 2023

In the dispute over the debt ceiling, don't change Medicare or Social Security: Former President Donald Trump warned Republican lawmakers on Friday: As part of your dispute with the White House over t
In a video message, Trump stated, "Republicans should never vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security."
The two-minute video is one of several policy announcements made by his campaign and criticizes President Joe Biden for the southern border migration crisis. Additionally, it comes amid escalating brinkmanship between the White House and congressional Republicans regarding raising the debt limit.
Republicans have pledged not to increase the government's borrowing capacity unless Biden drastically reduces federal spending, which could have an effect on social insurance programs like Medicare and Social Security. The video that Trump posted is a warning to his party members not to go there. Instead, he proposes focusing on foreign aid, restricting migration, putting an end to "left wing gender programs from our military," and "billions being spent on climate extremism."
Trump declares, "Cut waste, fraud, and abuse wherever we can find them, and there are a lot of them." However, do not reduce the benefits that our senior citizens have paid for their entire lives. Don't destroy Social Security. Save it.
POLITICO was made aware of the video message before it was made public.
Trump's position is consistent with his long-held, if unconventional, belief that the Republican Party should refrain from supporting entitlement reform. Trump was extremely critical of the then-Rep prior to his election as president. Ryan, Paul (R-Wis.) for promoting budget austerity during the Obama administration. He insisted that he would maintain both Medicare and Social Security as a presidential candidate. During his time in office, there was never any serious talk about doing so, though he vaguely mentioned that he might think about it during a second term.
Despite this, Trump backs his fellow Republicans into a corner politically by issuing his statement now. Even though the party leadership has not fully embraced such a demand, several of them have openly discussed using the impending standoff over the debt ceiling to get cuts in non-discretionary spending.
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